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Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2008

It's time again.... NaNoWriMo 2007

Hey who would've thought it's that time of year again. Well I know I only realised it was NaNo month today or yesterday. Nov 1 starts this midnight.... I'll try to start something then... but maybe not.... I am trying to get my head around the story I want to write. I have about 3 going in my head. All I've been sitting on for years, a few notes here and there, some characterisation but always waiting for NaNo to come to have a reason to finally sit down and write them.

I WAS going to do, AM WAS AM..... WAS....? going to do "Rouge and Powder" a story of one who wants to join the performing arts and one who wants to leave it. Note: this is Fantasy. Most of my stuff are fantasy. Rouge and Powder is about the travelling performers and its admirers and blood and bone and magic.

hrm I really want to write this, but it's still only half formed and I don't know the real plot of these characters. There should be one so they don't go around for 50,000 words angsting about their feelings and pain and running. hrm.... What's their point?

After reading some of NaNo2006's The Hou Trail while clearing out the cobwebs in this area, I would really like to continue it and see how Theodora fares and what she will discover and where she will go?..... But the problem again is----IS THERE A POINT to her adventures? What's her MAIN PLOT? What's MY main plot for this? eeeh. I don't know yet. bah.


hrm I need to go think. But yeh! Here it is again! NaNoWriMo 2007 wooooh....! ^_^

PS. Hi everyone I haven't talked to in while, I'm still here. I hope you are too. xx

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