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Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2007

The Hou Trail (fantasy)

Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2008
29 December 1980
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NaNoWriMo 2007: The Hou Trail (second: 50,060 words. TBC. WINNER)
NaNoWriMo 2008: The Hou Trail (third: 50,144 words. END. WINNER)

NaNoWriMo 2008: The Hou Trail

Title: The Hou Trail
Genre: Fantasy
Keywords: hou, trou, trail, house, selves, parallel worlds, bond, balance, renovation, adventure, journey, rite of passage, 20 year old, forest, roum, lost, found, duty, Theodora, mum, dad, Allistair, Brown
Summary: After two years of absence from her family, Theodora agrees to follow her father in tradition, a rite of passage that she must take in a world she had not known existed within the boundaries of her home.

The story will start where I left it in 2007. Theodora is about to find out some stuff, choices will be made, determination will be present, hearts (of all kinds) will be broken. How will it all turn out? ....erm... I don't know... but I'm just as excited as you are..!

50000, adventure, appear, bells, bett, bettina, bird, bix, bixenhaar relenna morrhenta, bond, castle, change, cloaks, costumes, disguise, distant land, eastward, eastward wind, escape, exhile, explore, fairfall, fairfall night, fairfrost, fairspring, fairsum, family, family history, fantasy, feen, fenrelten kestron, festival, following, freeforall, fron, fronwick kestron, gender, golden, guv, guvern, hou, house, iridescent, ist, istle, jesters, jesthen, jestrels, jestrels oath, journey, kitchen hand, lev, leven, lost love, luck, magic, mate, minstrels, nanowrimo, night, november, oh fair, original fiction, origins, painted faces, palace, palacekeep, palacetown, parallel, princess, queen, quoth, remmerald charleston trensallion, remmy, renovations, roum, royal, runaway, sea, selve, selves, set, setene, soul mate, straw sea, strawsamer, the land beyond, thern, thieves, travel, travelers, travelers garb, trou, twel, twelve, wanderers, wind, writing