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Here we go again! (NaNoWriMo 2005)

Well, I've reactivated my account at and have dusted off this place *cough* ^^

Can't wait! I'll be writing the 2nd half of my Istle story (scroll down to see my progress last NaNo). I'd really love to finish it. But I am still open to changing my mind last minute and starting a totally new story! I love NaNoWriMo most because of the spontaneity and the rush of being blank and having to come up with the most ridiculous ideas because you HAVE to get to 50K no matter what! Yeh, I love that most. Who knows, perhaps I might be able to finish Istle and then start another. Well, I'm not so solid on these things. I plan not to. I'm leaving it up in the air until November, see where it takes me then. :D

PS: The story will be Friends-Locked, so if you want to see my descent to madness progress please comment and I'll add you. If you are a NaNo writer too, please let me know! I'll keep an eye on yours too :)
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