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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
45,321 / 50,000

Title: Istle

Words: 45,321 ( by 30 November 2004, 23:59:59 EST )
Genre: Mild Fantasy
First time NaNo Writer 2004

I am still going to finish the story. I will be applying the same rules and techniques I used to finish the story. I can honestly say that I am, of course, disappointed (sigh) for being so close to the Finish Line, that all I truly needed was TWO MORE HOURS DAMMIT! well... bugger that.

I did write all of 45,321 (and pens down...) words in less than a month because I skipped practically half the days of November, which I shouldn't do next year because now I know better!
And no! I didn't plan to finish at those numbers. But I did end what I had so far in a nice reminiscent sort of way for the sake of the whole NaNo experience.
It is my first original story. So I keep these things in mind. sigh

EDIT dec 1: And surprisingly, yes, I do like my story. That's a good thing. :)
EDIT dec 1 #2: but what's up with these stingy eyes? ;P aw i'm just being a brat. aaaah

EDIT dec 1 #3:

Day: Nov 29, 30
Words in these sessions: 45,321 – 24,824 = you do the math. ouch!

I had a 4 hour sleep in the middle of writing that amount. I just dropped to my side and closed my eyes and then I awoke and said, "Ack! My four hours!" and then I wrote some more, needing 2 hours more to make 50K. Perhaps I should have invested in a third alarm clock, plastered to my face.
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