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Hi guys... :)

Hi guys, Just wanted to touch base with you all since I only visit here one month per year for NaNo. Good Luck to everyone doing NaNo 08. It will be fun. We can do it! I reckon all NaNo journals should be shoved at people who are in need of encouragement. I always get amazed at the overwhelming level of enthusiasm and fresh possibilities that NaNo can give to people. Myself included! I read back at these posts and just get sooo excited about the feeling and the energy I get during Novembers. It's a good feeling. Healthy? yeh... if you don't count the fatigue :).

And for all those who made 50K in 2007, how lucky are we?!?!?! We get to have our manuscript published for free!!! So.... I'm going to try to finish this story The Hou Trail this NaNo08 and then submit my manuscript to that Amazon thing NaNoWriMo was talking about (you would have gotten an email about it...) and smile widely at my one-off printed copy of my story. I'm thinking.... maybe I should leave it unedited so that I can laugh at myself everytime I open the book.... I love unedited NaNos! hehehehe. especially the scenes written on the final lap of the race. Read mine... they are terrible but somewhat entertaining----a rare (yearly?) glimpse of what goes on in someone's mind when the tough gets going and you have no choice but to go! go! GO! Ah, imaginations. ^_^

1 week to go!

PS: This LJ is Friends-Locked. If you want to see my progress during November (as well as how I went in the previous NaNos), please feel free to add me, and I'll add you back! Thanks.
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