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Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2008

The Hou Trail continued...

I've decided to continue THE HOU TRAIL from NaNo2006. It would probably be awesome to finally finish a chaptered story. I spent Nov 1 finding out the ending and what exactly happens with the characters and some rules of the world and the theme and main message that the MC learns. I'm not sure if it will be a boring theme, a typical theme... But it will be set in a fantastical world so there's the difference... hrm

I'll edit this post once I've got a one sentence summary for it. I reckon once I have that, the story will go smoothly. It'll be an anchor point, see? for when I stray from the point.

PS. I'm still going to write Rouge and Powder. But it's still under-developed, so it will have to wait till next time. I want to finish The Hou Trail first and edit it and put it out there to have beta-ed and reviewed (at before I seriously start anything else.

The next posts will be friends-locked so if you'd like to read my NaNo 2007, add me and I'll add you.
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