Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2008 (nightlight_nano) wrote,
Nightlight: NaNoWriMo 2008

We begin

Man... 11:11pm on 1/11/2006...

I haven't written a thing yet... I'm tired now... I was inspired by Muse's Hysteria earlier this afternoon, but now I can only vaguely grasp it. It could be because I don't really have a 'meaningful' plot yet that I'm stalling...

11:15pm... I had several start-up sentences in my head this morning... I'm not sure where to start now to get the max effect I want. I'm not sure the style I want to write it in... upbeat or mopey? I dunno.

11:16pm... I should really write something so I could save the doc on 1st Nov. I can always start it a different way tomorrow if it doesn't sound right... I've been like this with other NaNos anyway. Most important thing for me this year is finishing the story, not only finishing 50K though that's probably slightly more important given the way of the event.

11:19pm... better go. try to write something. Maybe I'll get a burst tomorrow.

Good Luck everyone!
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