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Oh Oh! It's here again!

First: Yah! Almost NaNo again! :D

Second: OK. I don't think I'll do Istle this NaNo. : ((((
(heh, WHY didn't I just say I'm not doing it, instead of I don't THINK I'm doing it? hehe)

(fact is, I love Istle's world and the characters there. I like their stories and background. Now, if only I can put it all together effectively. I guess it'll be one of those stories that I will have to take care of when I've grown as a writer a bit more).

SO, I've been thinking of doing the Jumanji-like story I've been looking into for the past year.
(I just say Jumanji becuase it's the closest thing I could compare it to without describing my idea. It involves a house and another world within the house. So that's the similarity.)

I've been dazing out on the bus and while walking to and from my business course. Trying to form a plot out of the world and characters.

Onto other things... I want to renovate this NaNo LJ. nudge wink hint about my story hint. OK ok it involves the renovation of a house. there.

Am I getting excited?
I think I just want to get away from my busy schedule now and just immerse myself in NaNo, which is very ironic. Aah, but is this not what NaNo's all about? facepalm*
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