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I'm done! I've done it!

Zokutou word meter
52,100 / 50,000

Day: Nov 30
Words: 3888


I'm done! I've done it! I've FINALLY done it!!! wow!

Aaaah my first winning NaNo! I'm so proud right now, this is sooo good! (^__________^) big fat grin*.

Been sooo busy in mind and surroundings all november (in preparation of things to come in RL in december and the new year -- wooh it'll be another busy month when things begin to come together after all the planning in November... but that's another story -- see my regular LJ for more on that lol!)

But for now, this is sooo great! I can't believe I've won this year. And yet, I can also believe it. I wanted it that bad, so there was no option of not getting it done. Wooh! Man! This is sooo good. I keep saying that. ^^

The story is not finished, I think another 50K should do it. But I'll write that on my own time. No more NaNos for this baby. It deserves more careful thought put into it.

But hey! Look! The last half of this I tried to write as well as I could in a rush of excitement. You know, as tribute to a good NaNo 05. So the last half of this should make more sense and probably read better than the 10K before it.

Well, that's all from me this year! WOW. I'll be back shortly to post some pics of my graph from the site.

And now for the final winning words... *grin*


Lunch was served at around midday and I ate my meal with the jestrels as Thern and Jesthen stilol spoke on about their childehood adventures and what they can remember of Straw as young children do. A lot of their descriptions were like a child’s stories of a new place they had been to and so the descriptions were a little more imagined than it was real. I laughed at their accounts as Bird’s eyes grew like saucers, intrigued and excited. He kept looking ahead of us to the Straw lands beyond the other edge of the straw Sea.

As we ate our meal I couldn’t help but look around me in search of Quoth. Where he was seated and with whom. As I suspected he was with the youths, they were seated in the far corner of the shap on the other side going towards the Straw lands. I made a note to go over to their company later and spend some time chatting with them while we were on this shap.

I had plenty of time of course. The shap operators had said, when we had asked, that it took a full day to travel across the Straaw Sea. This was because, not only was the field of straw indeed vast but also because the shaps moved quite slow unlike the ships of the saltwater see.

I knew this to be true since I was now riding on one and could tell that the constant breeze that now blew our hairs towards the Straw lands were a result of the wind’s energy and enthussianm instead of the actual shap moving at a fast rate thus causing us to race with the wind.

And so I ha the whole day to really speak with the youths, but my main reason for so urgently wanting to join them was because Quoth still had that look on his face as if all was gone wrong and he had little to be happy for despite the fact that we were on our way to his home land and that I would be able to go with him there and he may like to give me a tour of the place or his favourite spots. And also, I thught to myself, I might be able to see for sure who my kin were too. That I would most like to see. A full land full of strawsamers like me. I wondered if I would be able to tell their persons apart, if I was knowing enough to identify each of them.

So after I had finished my meal though the jestrels took their time with their, I apologised profusely for leaving them in between their many stories. I was sorry that they had to stop for a moment during their reminisces but that I really had to go to visit with the youths.

Thern frowned at me suspiciously and looked over to the youths, cranong her neck towards them. She said, “Your going to speak with that Quoth fellow are you not?”

I nodded curtly to her, “I am.” And then I gave her a stren look. What right did she have of telling me whom I should befriend? Oh, we knew full well who was Quoth and our whole situation with him. It was said and mentioned quite enough for the ddays that I had been back and taken Quoth with me “I can have friends you won’t approve of Thern.” I told her pointedly.

“Very well,” she pursed her lips at me and then turned back to her food. Jesthen just sighed and ate his food. And Bird had hidden his face behind his glass and pretendied to take sips of it, though I knew he did not swallow one gulp. I knew this through his eyes that were peering at me just over the rim of the glass at he tipped it to his mouth. He looked at me secretly, pensively, a slight fear in them and a bit of sadness. His brows were slightly furrowe too as if in a worried state. All these mixed in his half covered expression and I sighed toward him and smiled nicely at him to assure him that whatever he waas thinking, it would be all right.

“Bird,” I said. “If you need me, just send thern or jesthen or even the little girl singer along to get me from the youths table. It is all right.” I knew I could not ask him to simply walk himself over there and make himself known to me as he had done and usually did when I conversed with other people in this travelling group. He would always just walk into our circle and speak of something we were either currently talking about or something compltetely different, but either way he would grab the attention as immediately as he always entered it. But for this particular group today though, that was not to be done by him. Quoth was there and Quoth was still the woman snatcher to him, despite the fact that he now caught on the Quoth was indeed a man with the real beard, as he had told me before that it was fake. Thern must have spoken to him at length for him to accept it now. But I knew that man or woman, Bird would always know he was the same person as the snacther who had got him in town.

Burd nodded at him slightly, his glass still held to his mouth, half his face except for those emotional eyes hidden and held back away from me. I smiled at him again assuringly and said, “Well, you can shout to me from here and I shall run straight towards you at your service immediately for I shall keep my ear open and alert like a pups for his master’s whistle. Though, Bird I am not your pet pup. You should know that.” And I ruffled his hair and cap playfully.

He instantly pulled away from me, but in jest and he tried to swipe at me for my teasing. He smiled again at me with a little of a laugh and nodded at my assurance.

And so I left the jestrels groups and strolled over to the youths and QUoths table. I walked through the right most path right beside the railings and even braved looking over the railings to view the straw from above. They wee simply amazing. They swayed to and fro, toward the Straw lands and backward to the Palace loands. To and fro. To and fro. It was almost hypnotiseing. And I say that it was almost hypnotising for though it was definitely mesmerising to behold, I still had a mind to consciously pull myself away from their playful graceful view and remind myself of my current task.

A watchman passed me by and greeted me and spoke of the brilliance of this field and voyage we had taken. I agreed with him and then I said I was going to the youths and would speak with him later. He waved me off and I went straight to the youth’s table.

Quoth sat facing the east, the Straw lands with his arms folded to his chest. I could not see his face, only the back of his head and figure but I knew from his posture and stance that he was not as happy as the four youths who talked animatedly around him. He turned his head this way and that to the youths as each spoke or was refered to. The youths looked at him also from time to time and nodding or smiling or laughing at what ever he said, though I could hear his heart was not into hiw words. They did not match his emotion then, even though he spoke of the Straw lands as wonderous and even fun place to live in.

“So why did you leave then?” said Fron instantly. He did not seem to be aware of his frankness or bluntness in anything he said, whether in complaint or in question. I casually walked closer to them, not caring at all if they knew I heard them as they talked and I approached.

Quoth replied to Fron, “Could it be possible that I didn’t leave Straw for the sake of leaving it for good, but that I had merely gone to Palace for a good adventure? I am going back to Straw now aren’t I?” He was rather abrupt and defensive in his answer.

Fron drew back from his eager interest, but Bix leaned even closer toward Quoth across the table. Remmy shifted forward too and then suddenly looked up and spotted me going towards them.

“Ist!” he said and waved me over to them to sit by him across Quoth. I faced the Palace lands as Quoth faced the Straw lands. He looked over my shoulder rather gloomily I thought and I wondered again as I did this morning what it really could be about. I knew it might have something to do with Twel, but I was did not know why this had something to do with twel apart from the fact Quoth had been looking for him in Palace. That was his whole reason to go there.

I filled in for Quoth to sugest to Fron, “He was in Palace for adventure, he met me you see?” and I grinned at Quoth trying to catch his eye, though he still looked past me to his home land. I added, “And he was there looking for his friend who by coincidence, alos happens to be my friend Twel of the stable at palacekeep.”

Quoth looked at me as if shocked that I had mentioned Twel and then his eyes frowned and they betrayed a little annoyance at me. I must have made a mistake in mentioning Twel’s name and mentioning too much of whath he might have thought was his own personal journey. I shrugged at him to say sorry wordlessly while Bix uttered, “Oh! Twel! Is that that horse fellow? That handsome one with the striking eyes?”

I loked startled at Bix for mentioning his eyes of all things. It was almost a denger to the strawsamers it seemed that she should mention Twels eyes in particular.

“in fact,” she said. “They are very much like yours Quoth.” She paused thoughtfully as Quoth refused to me her eyes, well the eys of most of us for that matter and especially mine I suppose. “Perhaps, that is why I was so taken with you Quoth. You’ve striking eyes, I must say.”

“Thank you,” Quoth mumbled.

And Feen asked, “Dear sir, what if the matter with you today? Your were saddened during this last few days, but as we got closer and closer and now we are on the shap, you have become as gloomy as an unaired chamber in the Queen’s castle.”

I smirked indignantly at his chamber allegations. I cleaned those rooms myself when I was not needed at the kitchens.

Quoth paid no attention to any of us.

“Quoth,” I finally had the courage to ask him, “Will you walk with me along the shap that we might speak with one another frreeely?” He looked up at me and I conveyed to him wordlessly that he might want to talk some more about his troubles. He nodded once then pushed aside his seat and beckoned me to go with him.

I said goodbye for now to the youths and they went on chatting among themselves, no doubt their added topic of the list they had was about Quoth’s mysterious mood now.

“What is the matter?” I felt like I had been asking him this question several times a day ever since I had met him. He always looked to be thinking as if he was at pains with something. At pains with something that involved Twel? I now really wished to know what it was. But as I began to speak, a loud sound that resembled the shaps sound we heard last night was heard by all of us in the three Straw bound shaps.

Our shap was on the very right of the fleet of three and when we looked up we saw the shap that had made that loud noise was heading toward our shap. At first I thought it was a warning that they were going to collide with ours, but since these shaps moved really slowly I knew that would never happen. I lauhed at my wariness of the shaps.

The shap that was coming toward us Palace bound turned slightly further to the right and showed our shap operators that they would be the one to get out of our way. They would turn aside and we would not collide with them for they would just merely pass us though rather closely, by the looks of it.

As we all watched the shap give way to us, Quoth said, “Ist, I am wondering whether I really should go back to Straw. None know that I have gone from there. Or at least those whom I don’t really hold dear to my heart. I had told a few that I had gone to pursue Twel in what ever land he was in, But I did not tell them that what I said was only half true. The truth being that I might not even go back at all to Straw whether I had found Twel or not. I planned vaguely befor that I would make a life for myself in Palace side.”

“As a woman snatcher?” I said it and I regretted it soon after. Quoth face was pained and he turned away from me.

“That was a mistake to do that, I know Ist,” he said voice strained. “Must you remind me of it over and over again? Fair knows your jestrels friends, especially that woman revels in my bnever forgetting it.” And before I could speak some more he added, “And yes, fair knows I do deserve it too. So enough already, I can maange all of it on my own.”

I kept quiet as he rambled on. I pursed my lips and turned away from him watching the Palace bound shap finally come near us and right beside us. It hummed and glided and slid with the same amount of noise as our shp did. The railings were almost close enough for us to reach over if we wanted to.

“Somehow going home now seems pointless as if I’d never been out of it in the first place.” Quoth muttered as I watched the Palace folk across the Straw Sea on the Palace bound shap look and smaile and some would wave at us. I smiled back politely. “It is good that Twel had found a place to live in your good lands and made himself a groups of friends like you.”

I nodded slowly and thought I understood him. His friend Twel whom he had mainly gone to Palace to search for was living well and from my account, living happily with us. I thought I lived happier too with Twel around.

And as I looked over to him and assure him that Twel was fine and that even if he did not see him again for a long time since we would be in Straw for a while yet, I did not really see him at all. I caught a blur of him and off he went and leapt over our shap railing and swiftly over the straw sea that was the gap between our shap and the palace bound one, and there he landed on his hands and knees as I gasped and tried to reach over to him.

“Quoth!” I screamed for I was sure that he would not make it across, or worse that he had planned to jump over board fully onto the straw sea, tempting fate. “What are you doing?” I ashouted at him, panicked. What was he doing? I kept saying to myself. And as I did this I felt I needed to go to him and ask him within closer distance. I wanted to jump over to him and drag him back onto the shap I was on now. What was he doing? I seriously could not think of his motivation at that moment of blank thoughts due to the sudden shock he had given me of his dangerours act.

And then it hit me as obvious as it had been. Twel. He would go back to continue his trek to Twel.

“Wait a minute!” I said. “I’m going with you! I’ve no other real plans anyway! It was time I would go home again! It has been at least a fortnight I think!” As I said this I was climbing over the riailing, my foot on top of the high railing and hten the other, and before I thought about it too much I grabbed the rigging of the other shap that was at arms length with me and I leaped forward, the palace bound shap seemingly moving towards me to meetme in my fall onto her deck.

“Ahoy!” cried the shap operator of this Palace bound shap. And I caught a glimpse of him at the wheel and he had been turning the shap closer to our Straw bound one in order to really catch me. He must have seen and herd Quoth’s and My spectacle. Well, all the other passengers had been watching us, on both shaps that were involved.

And then another shout and then a scream. A boy’s shout and a mother’s scream.

“Ist!” Bird shouted as Thern ran towards him.

“Bird!” she screamed as Bird was caught between the railings of both shaps.

As I turned to see Bird leap and then fall with his cloak caught along the railings of our previous shap, Quoth lunged forward passed me and caught Birds red grasping hands that couldn’t quite reach the railing on the shap Quoth and I were on now.

“Ist! Help me!” Bird cried, desperate and strained as he was caught in an awkward postion between the two shapss railings. Thern’s cries and sobs were now heard throughout the two shaps as Bird’s cloak still tangled along the railings of the Straw bound shap. His Legs were dangling just slightly over the Straw sea’s sharp stalks and baldes and As the shaps moveved and bobbed on the spots – the shaps had now stopped their slow gliding to their destinations once our shap jumping had begun and was known – Bird’s boots and legs dangled beside and over the tips of the blades of the straw.

“Ow!” he cried and whimpered in pain and fear.

“Pull your feet up! Bend your knees to your chest!” Quoth shouted immediately and the command prompted Bird to do it without question, as if there could be any in that matter.

Bird looked up at Quoth and then to me as I rushed to them both and grasped one of Bird’s hands. The other hands was in Quoth’s hands and we pulled him together in one huge heaved, as on the other shap Jesthen was clued in on what we had planned wordlessly. He managed to untangle and rip and tear and tug any which way he can to free Bird’s cloak from the straw bound shap’s railings. And when he did so, we pulled Bird to the Palace bound shap and more help came from both Quoth’s and my side and hands were all over Bird to carry and catch him even more swiftly to the new shap deck we now had to ride on

“Bird!” Thern ran toward her shaps railing and leaned on its impenetrable barrier. There were tears streaming down her face and the glinting doubly in the sunlight and the sun rays that reflected and bounced off the Straw sea’s blade like leaves. “Ist! Why did you do it? Bird? Ist! Take care of him! My son, my Bird! Oh Bird! What were you thinking?” She sobbed at us and her son as she gripped the railing at her wasit with despair that I could clearly see the red blemishes that now coloured her hands. Her shoulders shuddered and her lips trembled as did her whole face and body. Jesthen came to her after she had had her moment of crying, and she sobbed anew onto his shoulder and chest as he hugged her and soothed her, stroking her hair and back.

“Jesthen,” she cried. “What shall we do? What shall we do?”

“I’ll…” said Bird. Then louder, “I’ll be all right mam! I’ll be all right!” He shouted now as if with every repetition of his phrase, he was sure that he would indeed be all right. “I’ll be all right!” he said again and then when Thern looked up to him her paints now very clearly smudged all over her eyes and cheeks, he added, “You and uncle go on to the Straw lands! Cross the Sea Mam! For us! Corss the Straw Sea and onto a new land for us!”

And Thern’s eyes lit up as she blinked comprehension of his words.

Jesthen nodded to this as well. “Of course!” he shouted back to us. .”Of course, we shall do exactly that Bird! You are truly into your next stages for being so quicki to know exactly what must be done!” He smiled and waved at Bird to let him know that he fully approved of him. “Well done, Bird!”

And I felt Bird squeeze my hand at Jesthen’s words, for I did not let go of his hand, nor did he let go of mine, even when he had clearly been pulled safely away from the straw Sea blades beneath him and the railings that blocked him from leaping to us swiftly but at the same time also saved his life for he was able to grab hold onto them when h knew he would plunge into the Straw Sea instead, if he had not grabbed hold of them.

I looked down at him and nodded my approval too. I was still shaking and jittery and giddy from our rescue of Bird and so when I tried to include a smile with my nod, I felt my face spasm in indecision of what expression I really should be expressing at that moment. Ecstasy definitely, for he had just saved Bird’s life. But I also felt horrified at what had just happened and also so frightened and shaken that I wanted to crumple down and cry as well. My eyes were very wide as I tried to grin at him and I tried to breath through my teeth as well as my nose for I needed huge amounts of air through my lungs at that moment.

I must have looked so comical to him for he laughed at me immediately and Quoth with him too when he saw my collection of expressions on my face. I was sure they would have been fine and well conveyed on my face on their own, one at a time, but together, thrown haphazardly onto a single face such as mine, the odd cluster of emotions was, I supposed, possibly laughable.

The story: TBC
This years NaNo entry: THE END!!! :DDD man I'm so happy.
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